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OPEC Calls for Big Production Cut, But Will Russia Agree?

The oil-producing countries of the OPEC cartel are calling for a deep production cut of 1.5 million barrels per day to support prices that are sagging due to the...Голос Америки

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Has Bangladesh, UN Calling for Help

UN appeals for cash, but says the solution to the plight of the Rohingya refugees is repatriation to Myanmar when that becomes possible Голос Америки

Colleges Call Students Back From Italy Amid Virus Concerns(2)

...coronavirus to Italy has led universities to reassess study abroad programs in the country, with many American schools this week calling their students back to the US...Голос Америки

Teacher Unions: Children Terrified by Active Shooter Drills(2)

The nation's two largest teachers unions are calling on schools to revise or eliminate active shooter drills...Голос Америки

UN Aims to End Female Genital Mutilation by 2030(2)

UN is calling for end to practice, saying it has no medical benefits...Голос Америки

Putin Remains Coy on Future Political Plans(2)

Observers have speculated that once his term expires Putin could use amendments to continue calling the shots as head of the State Council or prime minister...Голос Америки

Kansas City Set to Celebrate Super Bowl Win with Parade(2)

Schools in the area have started calling off classes so students and staff could attend...Голос Америки

Senate Votes No to Calling New Witnesses in Trump Impeachment(2)

Vote took place amid reports of new revelations involving former Trump security adviser John Bolton Голос Америки

McConnell Concedes Lacking Votes to Stop Dems from Calling Witnesses, Republicans Say(2)

Democratic impeachment managers want to hear from national security adviser John Bolton; defense wraps up its case Голос Америки

UN Urges Calm After Deadly Attack in Disputed Abyei Border Area Between Sudan and South Sudan(2)

The UN is calling for calm in the wake of the attack by armed gunmen on a Dinka village that left dozens dead and...Голос Америки

Жители Тывы стали в два раза чаще звонить по интернету(2)

Компания МТС проанализировала активность пользования технологиями VoLTE и Wi-Fi Calling абонентами в республике Тыва.Тува-Онлайн

Women March for Equality, Reproductive Rights(2)

Activists from all walks of life gathered in Washington Saturday for the fourth Women's March, calling for greater attention to women's rights and other social issues...Голос Америки

Transforming a House of God Into Just a House(2)

Some are calling the project by two people in a Maryland town blasphemy but others think what they're doing is a great idea...Голос Америки

India's Ruling Party Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Protesters(2)

Cabinet Union Minister Babul Supriyo distanced the BJP from these comments, calling them 'very irresponsible' on Twitter...Голос Америки

Thousands hit streets in Iran to condemn leaders over downed plane(2)

Thousands hit streets in Iran to condemn leaders over downed plane

In the Islamic Republic, demonstrators are calling for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

House Democrats Curb Trump War Powers(2)

A resolution passed Thursday calling for limitations on President Donald Trump's ability to pursue a conflict with Iran...Голос Америки

Co-creator Defends Suspected UAE Spying App Called ToTok(2)

The co-creator of a video and voice calling app suspected of being a spying tool of the United Arab Emirates defended his work in an interview with The...Голос Америки

Spain: Socialists Pin Future Government on Catalan's Release(2)

Spain's state attorney is calling for the temporary release of Oriol Junqueras, an imprisoned Catalan politician elected as a European Union member of parliament, in...Голос Америки

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