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China Cuts Loan Rate in Attempt to Blunt Coronavirus Impact

One analyst said he expected to see Beijing do more over the coming weeks to help smaller businesses Голос Америки

Small Businesses Embrace Wellness to Help Retain Staffers

Many small business owners are starting wellness programs to help employees be healthier, happier and more likely to stay Голос Америки

UK Employers Fear Worker Shortages in New Immigration Plan

Britain has announced new immigration rules that will take effect next year - and many businesses, particularly farms, food factories and care homes, are alarmed...Голос Америки

Trump, Republicans Eagerly Extend Helping Hand to US Businesses

The days of Tea Party attacks on 'corporate welfare' and the Export-Import Bank are behind them Голос Америки

Keyword Research With Ubersuggest Keyword Tool | SF Digital Studios Blog(5)

...work changed to creating content for online marketing. We are one of the very few Google Partners who can help businesses with creating content and then promoting it on Adwords. Farzana has worked on major advertising campaigns & project management...Италия по-русски

US Appeals Court Throws Out Democrats' Lawsuit Challenging Trump Businesses

Three-judge panel says group of more than 200 Democratic lawmakers lacked legal standing to bring the case Голос Америки

Coronavirus' Impact on Global Economy Becoming a Worry

With many Chinese cities on a virtual lockdown and businesses closed until next week at the earliest, there are growing concerns about coronavirus's impact on the global economy. On Tuesday...Голос Америки

Singapore Offers Aid Package to Firms as Coronavirus Hits Asian Stocks

Move comes as economic unease deepens from a disease that has already contributed to falling stock markets, shuttered businesses, and supply chain problems...Голос Америки

Iraqi Cleric Sadr Tells Followers to Clear Sit-ins after PM Appointed

Sadr urged his unarmed supporters known as 'blue hats' to work with authorities to ensure schools and businesses can operate normally again...Голос Америки

Charities Steered $65M to Trump Lawyer Sekulow and Family

Watchdogs for years have raised red flags about the blurred lines between the businesses of Trump attorney Jay Sekulow and the charities paying his family millions...Голос Америки

US Issues Fresh Sanctions Over Ukraine's Crimea - Treasury Website

Measure blocks assets under United States control and prohibits US individuals and businesses from conducting any transactions with those targeted...Голос Америки

Afghan Immigrants Find a Home in Las Vegas

VOA's Samir Rassoly visited a few local Afghan businesses and filed this report from Las Vegas.Голос Америки

UK Plans Brexit Celebrations but Warns Businesses May Suffer

Sajid Javid told the Financial Times in an interview Saturday that Britain's regulations will not be aligned with the EU in the future and that those changes may hurt some businesses Голос Америки

Intellectual Property Theft a Growing Threat

For many high-tech businesses, the intellectual property behind their products represents the bulk of their companies' value.Голос Америки

Amazon's Bezos Announces $1 Billion Investment in India as Small Businesses Protest

Announcement comes as hundreds of small traders protest against the world's biggest online retailer, saying Amazon's business practices are hurting local stores Голос Америки

Zero Waste

We talk to various businesses in New York City about the different ways they are helping their city achieve its goal of sending zero waste...Голос Америки

Survey: US companies added 202,000 jobs in December

Payroll processor ADP said Wednesday that the bulk of the hiring was among smaller and mid-sized businesses with fewer than 500 employees...Голос Америки

Power Cut Protest Leaves Nigeria City in Dark

Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, is plagued by widespread power outages that leave homes without electricity for long stretches and businesses unable to work...Голос Америки

‘We’re all family now’: Protesters Gather for Free Christmas Dinner in Hong Kong(2)

Protesters take time to support the people and businesses that have supported them...Голос Америки

Somalia Hopes Security Cameras Deter Mogadishu Terrorist Attacks(4)

Businesses at risk welcome CCTV coverage to deter Al-Shabab, as well as thieves, but some analysts warn it will only stop those who fear getting caught Голос Америки

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