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Britain's Last HK Governor Bemoans Territory's Loss of Autonomy

Chris Patten describes Beijing's actions as 'biggest assault on freedom and liberty in any city in the 21st century' Голос Америки

Britain, Canada Sanction Belarus' Lukashenko, Top Officials

Measures imposed in response to allegations that incumbent president rigged election and violated human rights of protesters Голос Америки

Sri Lanka Returns Hazardous Waste to Britain

Sri Lanka says shipments violate international, EU regulations Голос Америки

Eight in 10 Britons Ignore COVID-19 Self-Isolation Rules, Survey Finds

Study by Kings College London and Britain's National Health Service says less than half surveyed could identify key virus symptoms Голос Америки

Britain Plans Help for Workers Affected by Pandemic

Treasury chief proposes payments for businesses to help salvage British economy Голос Америки

UN, Britain to Co-host Climate Summit on December 12

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says 'climate emergency is fully upon us, and we have no time to waste' Голос Америки

Britain Imposes Pub Curfew as Coronavirus Cases Soar

Pubs and restaurants warn of the threat of mass closures and job losses Голос Америки

Britain Enacts Restrictions as Coronavirus at 'Perilous Turning Point'

Government Monday reported more than 4,300 new infections, the highest daily number since May Голос Америки

Britain Contemplates Second National Lockdown as COVID-19 Surges

Health Minister says lockdown option is 'last line of defense' Голос Америки

Britain Begins Strict Regional COVID-19 Lockdown

Some residents of England will not be allowed to socialize outside their homes Голос Америки

UK's Johnson Defends Plan to Rewrite Brexit Deal, Says EU 'Unreasonable'

Johnson's Conservative government has acknowledged that the bill breaches the legally binding withdrawal treaty that Britain and the EU have both ratified Голос Америки

UK Parliament to Vote on Johnson's Plan to Break Brexit Divorce Treaty

The EU has ramped up no-deal Brexit preparations while Britain has dismissed an ultimatum from Brussels to scrap the main parts of the bill by the end of September Голос Америки

Chloe Zhao's 'Nomadland' Wins Top Prize at Venice Film Fest

Britain's Vanessa Kirby won best lead actress for 'Pieces of a Woman' Голос Америки

AstraZeneca Resumes Trials of COVID-19 Vaccine in Britain

Trials were suspended after a volunteer participant became ill Голос Америки

Britain Launches COVID-19 App to Boost Contact Tracing

With cases rising, Health Minister Matt Hancock said the new app would help the National Health Service monitor more people Голос Америки

Defense Minister and Charge d'Affaires of Great Britain in Armenia discussed cooperation prospects

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense. Arminfo: Главная

Theater, Brinkmanship Mark Brexit Talks

Negotiators on both sides of English Channel say this week is 'moment of reckoning' for post-Brexit trade deal between European Union and Britain Голос Америки

Переводим синтаксис 1С на английский язык

Когда программисты первый раз видят прикладной язык 1С, многие впадают в ступор. Лучшие публикации за сутки / Хабрахабр

Belarus Opposition Figure Missing;

European Union calls for the release of hundreds arrested in weekend protest Голос Америки

Under Police Gaze, Climate Protesters Return to Britain's Streets

Protesters blocked the square in front of the parliament building and called for legislators to take up a proposed climate and ecological emergency bill Голос Америки

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