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Report: Taliban Slowly Pushing Afghan Government to the Brink

Taliban talk peace, but US military officials worry they're using violence, other factors to undermine the US and coalition-backed government in Kabul Голос Америки

Vietnam reports first locally transmitted Covid-19 cases since April

Vietnam reports first locally transmitted Covid-19 cases since April

The country was on the brink of reaching 100 days without any new local infections.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

US Federal Executions on Brink of Resuming After 17 Years

First one is set for Monday; 3 more in coming months Голос Америки

Bloomberg: в переговоры о покупке компании, владеющей разработчиками Brink и Warframe, вступила Tencent

Bloomberg: в переговоры о покупке компании, владеющей разработчиками Brink и Warframe, вступила Tencent

Ранее издание сообщило, что приобрести холдинг Leyou Technologies также планирует Sony. DTF.RU

Oxfam: Pandemic Pushing Millions to Brink of Starvation

Up to 12,000 could die each day, humanitarian group warns Голос Америки

Philippines Virus Cases Soar Past 50,000 as Lockdown Eases

Troubling milestone for country that reopened economy on brink of recession while still struggling to combat pandemic...Голос Америки

UN Warns Yemen on Brink of Famine Again

Yemen is already gripped by what the UN calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with tens of thousands killed, an estimated four million people displaced by war Голос Америки

Hunger Stalks Children in Yemen as UN Cuts Aid Programs (2)

...millions of children in war-torn Yemen, ravaged by four years of a bloody civil war, could be pushed to the brink of starvation as humanitarian agencies suffer from a huge drop in funding.Голос Америки

COVID-19 Infections Rise 684% in Afghanistan (2)

Afghanistan in on the 'brink of a humanitarian disaster' officials say...Голос Америки

China Warns US at Brink of Starting 'New Cold War' with Beijing (2)

Tensions rising between world's two economic powers over trade, COVID-19 pandemic and Hong Kong Голос Америки

UN: Yemen on Brink of Disaster as COVID-19 Spreads(2)

Epidemiologists warn the coronavirus could spread faster, more widely and with deadlier consequences in Yemen than in many other countries Голос Америки

Pushed to the Brink Again, Islamic State’s Afghan Affiliate Claims Deadly Attacks(2)

IS-Khorasan has been beaten back by Afghan, coalition and Taliban forces, but counterterror officials warn it would be a mistake to underestimate the group's resiliency Голос Америки

Леднику Эцталь в Тироле грозит строительство мегакурорта

климатом все сложнее. Ниже - статья журналистки Economist Сэм Хаддад A mega resort on the horizon, a glacier on the brink, что можно перевести как Мегакурорт - все, ледник ничто."SKI.RU" - горнолыжный портал

Can Russia and Turkey Step back from the Brink in Syria?

For nearly five years, Russia has managed to balance a delicate alliance of rivals in Syria - joining Iran in backing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad while partnering with Turkey - Damascus's enemy - to tackle the Islamic State. Голос Америки

Крошечная деревня, которая имеет свою изюминку (Фото)(2)

Крошечная деревня, которая имеет свою изюминку (Фото)

Эта семья построила крошечную частную деревню, где у каждого ребенка есть свой дом. Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

US Veteran, Father of Veteran: Death of Soleimani Makes World Safer(2)

...attacks on American diplomats and military personnel." It was a move that lawmakers criticized as putting the U.S. at the brink of war. But some U.S. veterans of the Iraq War and their families share a different view. VOA’s Elizabeth...Голос Америки

Virginia Moves to Brink of Becoming 38th State to Ratify ERA(2)

The votes carried symbolic weight and showed how much once-solidly conservative Virginia, a place that defeated theEqual Rights Amendment time and again, has changed Голос Америки

Iran Standoff Shines Spotlight on New Trump Security Adviser(2)

In a defining week for Donald Trump, Robert O'Brien was a constant presence as the US edged to the brink of war with Iran and back...Голос Америки

As Iran, US Take Step Back from Brink, Canada Grieves(2)

Canadians are struggling with how the killing of an Iranian general last week in a US drone strike may have led to the deaths of dozens of their citizens in a plane crash Голос Америки

Zimbabwe on Brink of Man-made Starvation, UN Expert Says(2)

A U.N. official is warning that Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of southern Africa, is on the brink of starvation, with millions facing food insecurity. Columbus Mavhunga reports from Harare.Голос Америки

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