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Botswana's Capital Back in Lockdown After COVID-19 Cases Double

Authorities in Gaborone close schools, restrict movements Голос Америки

Botswana Investigates Mystery Deaths of At Least 275 Elephants

Poaching has been ruled out as the cause of death, as the carcasses were found intact Голос Америки

Suspected Poacher Killed as Botswana Battles Rampant Rhino Deaths(2)

The southern African country has seen an unprecedented rise in poaching, but the army is fighting back, gunning down 19 poachers since last year Голос Америки

Poaching Forces Botswana to Dehorn, Translocate Rhinos(2)

Botswana faces rising poaching incidents, which threaten the country's rhinoceros population Голос Америки

Botswana’s Capital City Back on COVID-19 Lockdown(2)

The Southern African country lifted its lockdown last month, but new cases of the disease have popped up Голос Америки

Botswana Elephant Deaths Mystery Deepens as Toll Rises  (2)

The death toll is now at 110, with wildlife officials ruling out poisoning and anthrax, after initial tests Голос Америки

Ботсвана получила зенитные ракетные системы французского производства(2)

Сообщают, что в Ботсвану из намибийского порта Уолфиш-Бей на трейлерах были доставлены заказанные Оборонительными силами Ботсваны (Botswana Defence Force - BDF) по контракту 2016 года зенитные ракетные системы производства французского отделения европейского объединения MBDA (MBDA France). Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

Botswana to Allow Farmers Keep Wildlife to Boost Agro-Tourism(2)

President Mokgweetsi Masisi says the country's tourism sector needs a boost after the severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic Голос Америки

Botswana Ends 7-Week Lockdown   (2)

Botswana ends lockdown, businesses and schools cleared to open under strict guidelines Голос Америки

Botswana Auctions Elephant Hunting Rights

Conservationists have criticized the move, but authorities in Gaborone argue the development is meant to benefit local communities Голос Америки

Dry Spell Kills Botswana's 'Edible Diamonds', Hitting Rural Communities

Southern Africa has caused a decline in mopane worms, a key source of income and food for rural communities in Botswana. Experts say over-harvesting of the protein-rich caterpillars has also affected breeding...Голос Америки

Botswana Sees Dramatic Rise in Reported Rape Cases(2)

...more confident about reporting when they are attacked.  But the higher recorded levels of rape also have spurred activists in Botswana to demand more action against sexual assault.Голос Америки

Французский дом моды Louis Vuitton купил самый крупный необработанный алмаз в мире(2)

ювелирный дом Tiffany за $ 16,2 миллиарда. Press Release: Lucara Recovers Record 1,758 Carat Diamond from Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana #lucaradiamond $LUC https://t.co/85Qq0dDLFc pic.twitter.com/7vLa11MBpO Lucara Diamond Corp (@LucaraDiamond) 25 апреля 2019...БИЗНЕС Online. Деловая электронная газета Республики Татарстан

Conservation Groups Keen to Lend Hand in Botswana's Anti-Poaching Fight(2)

The southern African country has seen a rise particularly in rhino poaching, with 13 killed since October Голос Америки

Botswana’s Ex-President Worries About Decline in Democracy, Rebuffs Corruption Claims(2)

In an interview with VOA's Nightline Africa radio program, former President Ian Khama said claims made by the administration of President Mokgweetsi Masisi that he misappropriated billions in the local currency are 'laughable' Голос Америки

Botswana Sees Dramatic Rise in Reported Rape Cases(2)

Activists say successful anti-rape campaigns have made victims more confident in reporting when they are attacked but more action still needed Голос Америки

Израильская компания Dignia Systems судится с разведкой Ботсваны DISS(2)

Как сообщает бюллетень "Intelligence online" в публикации "Le dronier Dignia Systems ferraille dans son safari au Botswana", израильская компания Dignia Systems судится с разведкой Ботсваны DISS и требует с нее 11,3 млн долл. Компания утверждает, что DISS...Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

Collared Elephant Killed as Botswana Prepares to Issue 272 Hunting Licenses(2)

Hunters say they mistakenly shot the bull, which was collared for research purposes Голос Америки

Zimbabwe Refugees in Botswana Return Home, But Face Bleak Future(2)

31 deadline to leave Botswana, say they had no option but to return to Zimbabwe despite an uncertain future...Голос Америки

Botswana's Drought Makes Wasteland of Harvests, Livestock(2)

Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe have declared this year's drought an emergency. Голос Америки

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