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Britain's 'Lesser of Two Evil' Election May Go Down to Wire

One opinion poll after another and television debates bring home how distrusting the British public has become of both the ruling Conservatives' Boris Johnson and Labor's Jeremy Corbyn Голос Америки

Will Boris Johnson Slay the 'Beast of Bolsover?'

The times are changing and Britain's oldest serving MP may next week become a casualty of electoral war thanks to the scrambling of British politics by Brexit Голос Америки

Opponents Attack Johnson's Character as UK Election Looms

Britain's opposition parties are intensifying attacks on Prime Minister Boris Johnson with two weeks to go until election day, as polls suggest Johnson's Conservatives have a substantial lead Голос Америки

British Voters Unimpressed as Johnson, Corbyn Clash in TV Debate

During debate, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises to end 'national misery' of Brexit, says Conservative government will leave European Union in January Голос Америки

Independent: британских консерваторов спонсирует Россия? Джонсон это отрицает(2)

Independent: британских консерваторов спонсирует Россия? Джонсон это отрицает

Выступая перед журналистами Би-би-си, премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон (Boris Johnson) сказал, что ему не известно, сколько российских гра... Геополитика - новости и аналитика о глобальной политике в России

Pressure Mounts on Boris Johnson to Release Russian Meddling Report

An 18-month-long inquiry by a British parliamentary committee has concluded Russian meddling may have impacted Britain's 2016 Brexit referendum, though the panel couldn't decide how much it affected the vote Голос Америки

Boris Johnson Fights Winter Blues in a Drenched Election Campaign

Britain's ruling Conservatives are banking a lot on the star quality of their leader but he's finding it difficult to cheer up voters amid floods and flu Голос Америки

UK's Boris Johnson Apologizes for Missing Brexit Deadline

Johnson's plan to leave the EU on Oct 31 with or without a divorce deal was blocked by Parliament Голос Америки

Trump Accused of Attempting to Interfere in British Election

President Donald Trump makes clear his preference for Boris Johnson over Jeremy Corbyn in a London radio interview with the head of the Brexit Party Голос Америки

UK Prime Minister to Push For an Election Again(2)

Boris Johnson wants an early election as a way of breaking the political deadlock over the country's stalled departure from the EU Голос Америки

Джонсон нашел более легкий способ получить ...(2)

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EU Grants New Brexit Delay to Jan. 31(2)

'Flextension' agreed upon means that the UK will be able to leave earlier if the Brexit deal secured by Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ratified before Jan. Голос Америки

UK Opposition Parties Suggest Dec. 9 Vote in Brexit Gambit(2)

31 to provide more time to debate Boris Johnson's withdrawal agreement Голос Америки

British PM Johnson Faces 2 Crucial Brexit Votes in Parliament Tuesday(2)

Boris Johnson introduces bill that would approve of Brexit deal reached with European Union in principle Голос Америки

Mixed Message: Boris Johnson Seeks Brexit Delay, Sort Of(2)

Monday will feature more legal action, more arm-twisting, cajoling and veiled threats by Johnson and his ministers and more amendments designed by lawmakers to stymie Johnson's plan to have Britain leave the 28-nation bloc on Oct. Голос Америки

Brexit Day of Reckoning: PM Johnson Battles Further Delay(2)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan to get Parliament to approve his divorce deal with the European Union was thrown into doubt Saturday Голос Америки

Борис Джонсон согласовал с ЕС новое соглашение о брексите. Чем оно отличается от старого?(2)

Британский премьер Борис Джонсон объявил о достижении соглашения с ЕС о брексите. Еженедельная газета "Обзор" (Литва)

Пермякам будет представлен уникальный проект «ЕсенинJazz»(2)

В беспрецедентном международном проекте (6+) объединились итальянский вокалист Boris Savoldelli (Италия) и группа Feelin's - возглавляемый Геннадием Филиным российский коллектив из Рязани с богатой 30-летней историей. Новый КомпаньONline

On Eve of Brexit Summit, Northern Ireland Rejects Johnson's Compromise(2)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU counterparts converge on Brussels for a summit they hope will finally lay to rest the acrimony and frustration of a three-year divorce fight Голос Америки

Brexit Deal Uncertain After Northern Ireland Rejects Johnson's Plan(2)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU counterparts converge on Brussels for a summit they hope will finally lay to rest the acrimony and frustration of a three-year divorce fight Голос Америки

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