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В морском порту Бейрута вспыхнул новый сильный пожар (ВИДЕО)

В морском порту Бейрута вспыхнул новый сильный пожар (ВИДЕО)

Пожар возник в результате поджога мусора в порту. АдыгеяНатПресс

Huge Fire Erupts at Beirut Port 1 Month After Devastating Blast

Cause of blaze in Lebanon's capital was not immediately clear Голос Америки

Massive fire erupts in Beirut port area

A witness said she saw people running in the opposite direction, which sent a large plume of smoke into the sky. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

В порту Бейрута снова вспыхнул сильнейший пожар: видео

В порту Бейрута снова вспыхнул сильнейший пожар: видео

"Пожар разгорелся на складе с автомаслами и покрышками на территории свободной таможенной зоны. Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

В порту Бейрута произошел сильный пожар

Жители Ливана обвинили в трагедии коррумпированных чиновников, что в дальнейшем привело к акциям протеста и отставке правительства. АБН | Агентство Бизнес Новостей

Сильный пожар снова разгорелся в порту Бейрута

Сильный пожар снова разгорелся в порту Бейрута

Густой черный дым над Бейрутом стал результатом поджога мусора в порту. Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

'No Signs of Life' in Beirut Rubble After Three-day Search for Blast Survivors

Search ends more than a month after a massive port explosion shattered Lebanon's capital Голос Америки

Search Continues for Possible Beirut Blast Survivor

Rescue workers continue their operation after a Chilean team detected a pulse signal earlier this week, a month after the devastating explosion that rocked Lebanon's capital Голос Америки

In Beirut, Search Continues for Possible Survivor Under Rubble of Collapsed Building

Operations restarted Friday after a sniffer dog belonging to a Chilean search and rescue team detected a pulsing signal a day earlier Голос Америки

Lebanese army finds more explosive chemicals outside Beirut port

Lebanese army finds more explosive chemicals outside Beirut port

Lebanon's army said it had found 4.35 tonnes of ammonium nitrate near the entrance to Beirut port. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Signs of Life Detected Under Rubble a Month After Beirut Blast, Says Rescuer

After several hours of digging through rubble, however, the operation is halted because the building is deemed unsafe Голос Америки

UN Warns of Hazardous Waste Threat After Beirut Blast

UN Development Program says chemical contamination and other toxic waste from explosion pose enormous environmental and health threats to Beirut residents Голос Америки

In Lebanon, Expanded Army Powers Formalize Long-Tightening Media Restrictions, Journalists Say

Emergency law ushered in after deadly Beirut blast appears to formalize crackdown on critics, say some observers Голос Америки

Hezbollah Weighs Survival Options After Beirut Blast

The US-designated terror group seeks to secure its survival in Lebanon Голос Америки

Corruption Threatens Beirut Revival

According to some estimates, the cost of corruption in Lebanon is equal to $5 billion a year Голос Америки

Christie's holding auction to help rebuild Beirut's cultural scene


The initiative will include 40-50 lots of international and regional art, jewellery, design and watches. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

UN Warns of Waste Released by Beirut Blast

The UN is assessing the types of debris and hazardous waste from the blast Голос Америки

Lebanese Children Struggling to Recover from Beirut Blast Take Charge

One of the heartening aspects to emerge from this tragedy is the number of young people volunteering to clean up the mess and rebuild their city Голос Америки

UN Ramps Up Humanitarian Efforts Following Beirut Blast

Coping capacities of people in Lebanon tried beyond anybody's imagination, said UNDP official Голос Америки

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