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Бюджетный аналог Mercedes-Benz G-Class получил 400-сильный турбомотор

Новинка получила двухцветную окраску кузова, серебристые вставки... letnews.ru

Аналог Гелендвагена Beijing BJ80 оснастили 400-сильным турбомотором

Китайский автопроизводитель BAIC вывел на авторынок обновленный внедорожник Beijing BJ80 в сентябре текущего года, а... PICSNEWS.NET

Trump Upbeat on US-China Talks as Beijing Underscores Tariff-Cut Demands

Earlier in the week, Trump rattled global markets when he said a deal might have to wait until after the 2020 election Голос Америки

China Official Media Condemn US Uighur Bill

House passed legislation requiring a stronger response to Beijing's treatment of its Uighur Muslim minority Голос Америки

Bloomberg's Soft-on-China Trade Policy Unique in Democratic Presidential Field

Former New York mayor represents something unique in Democratic primary field - an unreconstructed free-trader who also takes a far less critical view of Beijing's repressive internal policies Голос Америки

Trump Optimistic on China Trade Deal, Despite Differences on Hong Kong

US leader upbeat, despite Beijing's opposition to a law he recently signed that expresses support for pro-democracy activists in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory Голос Америки

US: China Targets Uighur Mosques to Eradicate Minority's Faith

An estimated 13 million ethnic Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities are believed to live in China's northwestern Xinjiang region, targeted by Beijing's campaign Голос Америки

US Sending Ships to South China Sea to Teach Beijing, Not Fight It

After a Chinese aircraft carrier entered the disputed sea this month, two US warships reached the same waterway Голос Америки

Hong Kong Leader to 'Seriously Reflect' on Election Results After Landslide Pro-Democracy Win

Statement by Carrie Lam comes after Hong Kong voters deliver a massive rebuke to Beijing Голос Америки

Secret Documents Reveal How China Mass Detention Camps Work

A newly revealed classified blueprint shows that the camps Beijing runs in China's far west are instead secret centers for forced ideological and behavioral re-education Голос Америки

China's Netizens Snub State Media's Interpretation of Hong Kong Election Results

Beijing is urged to wake up to the reality that anti-China sentiment in Hong Kong is real and rising Голос Америки

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Forces Score Landslide Win(2)

Election seen as referendum on pro-democracy protests Голос Америки

US Security Adviser Decries World Silence on China Camps

Robert O'Brien also questions whether international leaders will stand up if Beijing carries out a Tiananmen Square-style crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong Голос Америки

Self-confessed Chinese Spy Spills Secrets in Australia

Australian media say a Chinese spy has given inside intelligence on how Beijing conducts its interference operations abroad Голос Америки

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