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Bangladesh Court Orders Government to Tackle Rise in Rapes

Deputy Attorney General Abdullah Al Mahmud said it was clear that the number of rapes had risen as he promised to abide by the court's directive, delivered on Sunday Голос Америки

Bangladesh Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Newspaper Editor

The case involves the death of a teenager who was electrocuted during a party celebrating the anniversary of one of the newspaper's popular publications Голос Америки

Women in Muslim New Delhi Neighborhood Spearhead Protest Against Citizenship Law

Anjana Pasricha has the story, in this report narrated by Amy Katz. Голос Америки

Rohingya Refugees Face More of Uncertainty(2)

Steve Sandford has this report for VOA from Bangkok. Голос Америки

Cold Snap Kills 50 in Bangladesh

Hospitals have been crowded with people suffering from cold-related illnesses, such as influenza, dehydration and pneumonia Голос Америки

Film on Bangladesh's Garment Workers Spotlights Women Driving Change

Film challenges stereotypes about women by showing them driving the economy and fighting for justice in factories Голос Америки

Second Bangladesh Factory Fire in a Week Claims More Lives

The latest incident followed the death of at least 17 people when an illegal plastic factory outside Dhaka went up in flames on Thursday Голос Америки

Protests Rage as US, UK Warn About Travel to Northeast India

Fears that new legislation will grant citizenship to large numbers of immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh have sparked violent protests Голос Америки

Патрульный Dornier 228-212 вернулся в Бангладеш после техобслуживания в Германии

Патрульный Dornier 228-212 вернулся в Бангладеш после техобслуживания в Германии

В соответствии с соглашением, специалисты RUAG также провели дополнительное обучение для обслуживающего персонала BNB. Новости грузовой авиации - AirCargoNews.ru

Health Experts Warn of Emerging Threat of Nipah Virus

The virus, identified in 1999 in Malaysia and Singapore, has sparked outbreaks with mortality rates of between 40% and 90% and spread thousands of kilometers to Bangladesh and India Голос Америки

Bangladesh Shuts Recruitment Agencies After Saudi Abuse Claims

Women allege they were sexually abused, tortured and even sold as sex slaves Голос Америки

Rights Group: Bangladesh Blocking Rohingya Refugee Education

Human Rights Watch says government's curbs on schooling may help drive refugees into the arms of gangs, traffickers and radicals Голос Америки

Head-on Collision of Bangladesh Trains Kills 16, Injures 40(2)

A train heading for the southern port city of Chittagong and one bound for Dhaka collided at around 3 a.m. (2100 GMT) in Brahmanbaria, about 100 km (60 miles) east of the capital, crumpling three compartments of the southbound train...Голос Америки

Hundreds of Thousands Evacuated as Cyclone Hits Bangladesh(2)

A strong cyclone made landfall early Sunday in Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of people had moved to shelters across the low-lying delta nation's vast coastal region Голос Америки

Hundreds of Thousands Evacuated Ahead of Bangladesh Cyclone(2)

More than 5,000 shelters had been prepared for up to 1.8 million people that were expected to be evacuated by evening, an official said Голос Америки

UN Chief Urges Myanmar to Resolve Rohingya Crisis(2)

Antonio Guterres calls on Myanmar's government to take responsibility by dealing with the 'root causes' of their flight to Bangladesh and working toward their safe repatriation Голос Америки

Bangladesh Rohingya Island Relocation 'Uncertain' after UN Doubts(2)

Dhaka had wanted to begin its long-held plan this month to move 100,000 people to the mud-silt island of Bhashan Char, amid growing frustration with the presence of the squalid tent settlements in its southeastern border towns Голос Америки

Bangladesh Grants Bail to Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus(2)

Bail granted over firing of three employees by Grameen Communications, where he is chairman Голос Америки

1 in 5 Rohingya Child Refugees Suffer Severe Mental Health Issues(4)

Save the Children says there is 'a mental health crisis' inside the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, where few have access to education Голос Америки

Bangladesh Court Asks Nobel Laureate Yunus to Surrender(2)

The order came in response to a petition seeking a stay of an arrest warrant for Yunus issued by the labor court last month, when he was abroad Голос Америки

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