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Trump to Sign US-Japan Proclamation Soon, Trade Official Says

...improve access to Japan for US farm products and reduce some US tariffs on Japanese industrial products do not require approval by US Congress...Голос Америки

Что такое идентификация мобильных устройств по IMEI?(3)

IDEN. Как правило, номер состоит из 15 цифр: первые восемь определяют модель и место происхождения устройства и называются TAC (Type Approval Code), остальная часть — это серийный номер аппарата с контрольной цифрой в конце, который придумывает производитель. IMEI хранится в...Аргументы и Факты - Казань

Mexico Urges Pelosi to Move Ahead With Trade Deal Approval

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says the US House speaker and Democratic lawmakers would take steps to get the agreement done before year's end Голос Америки

National Democrats Approve Early Caucus Voting for Nevada

William McCurdy II, and the DNC chairman, Tom Perez, intend to hold a conference call on Monday to announce the approval of the plan, the party confirmed...Голос Америки

ЛУКОЙЛ первым в мире получил одобрение Mercedes-Benz для моторного масла с вязкостью 10W-40

ЛУКОЙЛ первым в мире получил одобрение Mercedes-Benz для моторного масла с вязкостью 10W-40

PROFESSIONAL XLE стало первым в мире продуктом с вязкостью 10W-40, официально одобренным по новому стандарту Mercedes-Benz для коммерческих автомобилей – MB-Approval 228.52. Данная спецификация создана немецким автоконцерном в 2019 году для масел, работающих в современных дизельных двигателях грузовиков и автобусов,...ВСЕРОССИЙСКИЙ ОТРАСЛЕВОЙ ИНТЕРНЕТ-ЖУРНАЛ «СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО.RU»

Armenia raising minimum salary by 24% from January

Armenia raising minimum salary by 24% from January

The National Assembly gave final approval to a bill to increase the minimum salary in Armenia by about 24%...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

US Senators Seek Quick Approval of Hong Kong Bill

Measure would require the US secretary of state to certify at least annually that Hong Kong has enough autonomy to continue special US trading consideration Голос Америки

EU Approval of First Ebola Vaccine is Game Changer

WHO calls the approval of the Ebola vaccine a landmark moment for global health and a likely game-changer in the battle against this deadly...Голос Америки

Fiat Chrysler Merger with PSA Appears Headed for Approval(2)

Fiat Chrysler would gain electric vehicle technology and PSA Peugeot Citroen would get a badly needed dealership network to reach its goal of selling vehicles in the US in a merger that appears to be headed for approval Голос Америки

Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day Gains National Approval(2)

For many Americans, the annual Columbus Day holiday honors the heritage and contributions of the 17 million-plus Italian Americans living in the United States. Голос Америки

Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day Gains National Approval(2)

The Italian navigator namesake who sailed to the modern-day Americas in 1492, Christopher Columbus has long been considered by some scholars and Native Americans as an affront to those who had settled on the land thousands of years prior to...Голос Америки

UPS Gets Government Approval to Become a Drone Airline(2)

United Parcel Service Inc. said Tuesday that its drone subsidiary was awarded an airline certificate last week by the Federal Aviation Administration Голос Америки

US to Vacate 5 Bases in Afghanistan if Deal With Taliban Signed(4)

Zalmay Khalilzad said the draft framework deal will require President Trump's approval Голос Америки

Brazil Poll Shows Bolsonaro Government Approval Sinks(2)

Approval rating of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro's government has plunged to 29.4% in August from 38.9% in February, according to a poll published on Monday that showed a majority of Brazilians are unhappy with his performance Голос Америки

Italian President Gives Parties Until Tuesday to Solve Political Crisis(2)

Thursday, two days after the collapse of the country's populist government, the president said if no coalition wins a parliamentary approval, he could form a caretaker government or hold early elections. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports Italian political leaders have started...Голос Америки

Taiwan's Tsai Expresses Thanks over Approval of F-16V Sale(2)

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen thanked the United States on Tuesdsay for approving the sale of 66 advanced F-16V fighter jets and urged rival China to respect Taiwan's right to defend itself Голос Америки

EPA Reverses Approval for Poison Traps Used by Ranchers(2)

The Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawal preliminary approval for deadly sodium cyanide traps blamed for injuries to people and pets as well as predators in the US...Голос Америки

Boeing CEO Still Expects 737 MAX to be Cleared to Fly This Year(2)

Dennis Muilenburg said Boeing planned to submit its certification package to the US Federal Aviation Administration around September, with expected approval around a month later...Голос Америки

India's Parliament OKs Ending Instant Divorce for Muslims(2)

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the bill's approval by the upper house of Parliament reflects the empowerment of women and India's changing profile...Голос Америки

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