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Algeria's Powerful Army Chief Dies at Pivotal Point in Political Crisis

The 79-year-old's death comes at a time of mass protests across Africa's largest country, with many Algerians demanding that the ruling elite relinquish power and the influential military step back from politics...Голос Америки

Thousands of Algerians Protest to Reject Talks With New President

Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who is seen as representing old guard, won 58.1 percent of the vote in Thursday's election opposition says was fixed Голос Америки

Algerians Are Choosing a New President in Contentious Poll

The powerful army chief and his cohorts in the interim government have promised the voting will chart a new era for the gas-rich North African nation that is a strategic partner of the West in countering extremist violence Голос Америки

Eggs, Protests, Apathy Greet Algeria's Presidential Campaign

Algerians pushed out their former president and want new faces; they got familiar ones and they aren't happy about it Голос Америки

Thousands of Algerians Turn Out for 37th Consecutive Friday Protest(2)

The protest coincides with the anniversary of the breakout of the Algerian revolution against colonial power France in 1954...Голос Америки

Algerians Protest Election Plan, Mark Independence War(2)

Algerians are demonstrating against plans for upcoming elections they fear will be manipulated by a long-despised power structure Голос Америки

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