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Algeria Marks One-year Anniversary of Anti-government Protests

Algeria's leadership is different but protesters see no fundamental changes a year later Голос Америки

Questions, Scars Remain as France Marks 60 Years Since Nuclear Tests

Critics say sites in Algeria remain contaminated and victims uncompensated Голос Америки

Algeria Frees Prominent War Veteran

Bouregaa's arrest provoked outrage in Algeria, notably from supporters of the 'Hirak' protest movement, who branded him a 'prisoner of conscience' and demanded his release Голос Америки

After Algeria's Leadership Shakeup, Observers Look for Break With Past(2)

In whirlwind developments, new prime minister appointed days after the sudden death of a top military officer, who was viewed by many as a kingmaker Голос Америки

Algeria Names New Prime Minister(2)

Abdelaziz Djerad, 65, served in the administration of a previous president in the 1990s, but was sidelined by president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who was ousted in April after two decades as head of state Голос Америки

Algeria's Powerful Army Chief Dies at Pivotal Point in Political Crisis(2)

The 79-year-old's death comes at a time of mass protests across Africa's largest country, with many Algerians demanding that the ruling elite relinquish power and the influential military step back from politics Голос Америки

Are We Seeing Part 2 of the Arab Spring?(2)

Popular revolts topple veteran rulers in Sudan and Algeria, as protests ignite in Iraq and Lebanon Голос Америки

Algeria Inaugurates New President Rejected by Protesters(2)

Algeria's new president is pledging to introduce presidential term limits and bring more young people into politics; opponents see him as part of the old guard Голос Америки

Algeria's Electoral Commission Proclaims Former PM Tebboune Winner of Presidential Election(2)

Friday protests draw large crowds in the capital despite Tebboune's election Голос Америки

Observers: Presidential Election Turnout Fairly Low in Algeria as Popular Protests Continue(2)

Social media report scattered violence in several regions as many young people boycott polls Голос Америки

Algeria Election May Bring New Era or Continued Protests(2)

At stake in the election is whether Africa's largest country, rich with oil and gas and a strategic partner of the West in countering terrorism, will get a fresh start with its next head of state Голос Америки

Algeria: 2 Ex-Ministers Face Groundbreaking Corruption Trial(2)

Two former Algerian prime ministers are on trial facing corruption charges Голос Америки

Eggs, Protests, Apathy Greet Algeria’s Presidential Campaign(2)

Algerians pushed out their former president and want new faces; they got familiar ones and they aren't happy about it Голос Америки

Middle East Protests: Why Now and to What End?(4)

Analysts say uprisings in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria seem unrelated, but the frustration that drives them is spreading Голос Америки

Algeria Army Chief Criticizes Protesters for Rejecting Election

12 to replace President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, but protesters have called for it to be canceled Голос Америки

В Алжире арестован генсек «Фронта национального освобождения»

Уточняется, что суд 19 сентября постановил заключить Джемаи, находящегося в тюрьме Эль-Харраш, под стражу. Новости - главные новости России, СНГ и мира - лента новостей ИА REGNUM

Algeria Army Chief Orders Clampdown on Protesters

Gen. Ahmed Gaid Salah says that, for some people, coming into Algiers from other regions has become a 'pretext to justify dangerous behavior' and a way to swell crowds Голос Америки

Algeria Announces Dec.

Abdelkader Bensallah during an address to the North African nation Sunday night called on citizens to make Dec. Голос Америки

Алжир превращается в нетто-экспортера арматуры(4)

В 2019 г. на предприятии будет произведено около 3 млн. т стальной продукции, что уже... Металлоснабжение и сбыт

Algeria Names Panel to Oversee Dialogue, Hold Presidential Election(2)

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika stepped down on April 2 after 20 years in power, under pressure from mass protests Голос Америки

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