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Parents of 'Terrified' Africans Stranded in China Want Help

Many countries evacuated citizens from Wuhan after the virus outbreak started there, but thousands of students from African countries have been left behind...Голос Америки

Poor Africans Brave Conflict in Yemen for Work in Saudi Arabia

Every year tens of thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa cross the Gulf of Aden into conflict-ridden Yemen in hopes of finding work in Saudi Arabia Голос Америки

"Ghost" DNA of unknown human found in modern West Africans

"Ghost" DNA of unknown human found in modern West Africans

Traces of the unknown ancestor emerged when researchers analysed genomes from west African populations.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Rapid Urban Growth in Africa Poses Challenges

According to a new report, more than 50% of Africans already live in one of the 7,600 urban areas across the continent...Голос Америки

Chinese Ambassador Allays Africa Coronavirus Fears

As fears spread globally, Lin Songtian says there is no need for Africans to panic over the outbreak; no confirmed cases of the pneumonia-like virus have yet surfaced on the continent...Голос Америки

Child Labor Continues to Rob Millions of Africans of their Childhoods

The UN has called for an end to child labor, worldwide, by 2025. Голос Америки

Virus Outbreak Impacts Africans at Home and Abroad(2)

Countries are putting in place screening and quarantine procedures on the continent, African students studying in China face fear and uncertainty...Голос Америки

Inescapable Effects of Climate Change Jeopardize Livelihoods Across East Africa(2)

With levels of carbon dioxide in atmosphere climbing to new highs, scientist specializing in climate and agriculture research, says Africans can expect more extremes in years to come...Голос Америки

In Madrid, Young Africans Are Stepping up the Fight Against Climate Change(2)

Worldwide, youth are leading the push against what many consider a climate crisis. Голос Америки

ICC President Rejects Criticism That Court Targets Africans(2)

Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, the president of the International Criminal Court rejected criticism that the court targets Africans and questions the motive of critics...Голос Америки

Save the Children: Climate Crisis Causing Hunger for Millions of Africans(2)

Save the Children calls on rich nations to cut emissions faster Голос Америки

Climate Crisis Causing Hunger for Millions of Africans(2)

As Henry Ridgwell reports, aid agencies are calling on leaders meeting at the climate conference in Madrid to commit to bigger cuts in greenhouse gases Голос Америки

Second Group of African Libya Evacuees Arrives in Rwanda

Most of the 123 are young Africans who were detained in Libya on their way to Europe...Голос Америки

Africa Biometrics Plan Raises Concerns about Abuses

Critics fear EU-funded effort might infringe on Africans' privacy and also harm democracy if authoritarian governments use the data to repress opposition...Голос Америки

US-Backed Syrian Forces Hand Over 3 Children of IS Fighters to Nigeria (4)

This is the first time that an African country has taken back children of Africans who have traveled to Syria to join terror group, Kurdish official says...Голос Америки

At U.S.-Mexico Border, Africans Join Diversifying Migrant Community(2)

While the overwhelming majority of these families continue to be from Mexico and the Northern Triangle, a small but growing proportion are from countries outside the Americas, nearly twice as much as two years ago Голос Америки

NAACP Delegation Visits Ghana for 'Year of Return'(4)

It's called the "Year of Return," where people of African descent are encouraged to go to Ghana to mark 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were brought to the...Голос Америки

VOA Town Hall Looks at Legacy of Slavery in US(2)

In August of 1619, several Africans were brought to Virginia in bondage, beginning more than two centuries of slavery in the United States. 400 years later...Голос Америки

Descendants of America's First Africans Will Mark 400 Years(2)

A family that traces its bloodline to America's first enslaved Africans will gather at its cemetery to reflect on their arrival 400 years ago...Голос Америки

US Marks 400th Anniversary of Arrival of First Africans(2)

Explore the VOA special report on the 400th anniversary of the start of slavery in America Голос Америки

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