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Reduction-in-Violence Deal Begins in Afghanistan

Deal calls on both sides to stop offensive battles against each other Голос Америки

Afghan Taliban's Haqqani Seeks US 'Partnership' in Post-Peace Deal

US and Taliban officials have recently agreed to a seven-day period of reduced violence in Afghanistan; if the temporary truce is successful, the two sides could sign a long-awaited peace agreement later this month Голос Америки

Devices Found in Missiles, Yemen Drones Link Iran to Attacks

A small instrument that two reports say was found inside drones that targeted the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil industry and those in the arsenal of Yemen's Houthi rebels, matches components recovered in downed Iranian drones in Afghanistan and Iraq...Голос Америки

Peace Alone Not Enough for Afghan Refugees

United Nations and other officials at a refugee conference in Pakistan warn that peace alone will not be enough to send them home. Голос Америки

US, Taliban Agree to a Week of Reduced Fighting in Afghanistan

The United States and the Taliban have agreed to start a trial period of reduced fighting in an effort to pave the way for a comprehensive peace deal. Голос Америки

Gabriel Balayan held brief talks with defense ministers of NATO member countries and partners

The session was held at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Arminfo: Главная

Afghanistan Urged to Prosecute 'Powerful' Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

The New York-based watchdog said that two recent cases highlight the Afghan authorities' failure to prosecute such cases Голос Америки

Officials: Situation in Afghanistan Lacking Transparency, Failing Major Objectives

The US Senate votes on Wednesday on a resolution aimed at restricting President Donald Trump from taking military action against Iran without Congressional authorization, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, who sponsored the resolution, says he intends to prevent another US military...Голос Америки

Indonesia Not to Repatriate Citizens Linked to IS, Gives Exception to Minors

Ruling brings uncertainty to the fate of some 689 Indonesian men, women and children stranded in countries like Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan after leaving their homeland to join Islamic State Голос Америки

US Agency: Rebuilding Afghanistan Cost Thousands of Lives

US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)report found that 2,214 people have been killed in largely US-led projects to rebuild country Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Differ on Key Policies

VOA compiles a rundown of five candidates' positions on immigration, trade policy and America's future in Afghanistan Голос Америки

War-Weary Young Afghans Hit the Slopes

Snowboarders say they are part of a generation eager to move on from violence and conflict. Голос Америки

Official: US Citizen Believed Kidnapped in Afghanistan

A US official says an American citizen has been kidnapped in Afghanistan by a Taliban-affiliated group and that authorities are working to rescue him Голос Америки

Women Enter Afghanistan's Male Dominated Restaurant Industry

And one entirely women-run restaurant in central Afghanistan's Bamyan province is attracting food lovers from the region. Голос Америки

Taliban Says Closing Afghan War Needs 'Actions Not Words' From Trump

Trump said in his State of the Union address on Tuesday "peace talks are underway" to end the war in Afghanistan Голос Америки

An Isolation Ward Prepares Itself To Receive Afghan Students From Wuhan

Wuhan, China, home to the quickly spreading coronavirus is also a major university town that hosts thousands of foreign students including many Afghan students. Голос Америки

Afghans Will Need Billions More in Aid, as US Looks to Leave

A US agency says Afghanistan will need billions of dollars in more aid, even as the US seeks a peace deal with Taliban to withdraw its troops from the country Голос Америки

Top Commander Sees Increased Iran Threat in Afghanistan

A senior U.S. commander says there has been an increase in Iranian activity in Afghanistan, posing potential risk to troops there, as the threat from Iran continues to churn across the Middle East Голос Америки

US Eyes Mechanical Failure as Cause of Military Plane Crash in Afghanistan

Officials say no indications the plane was downed by enemy fire Голос Америки

US Military Recovers Remains from Afghanistan Plane Crash

VOA's Asef Hussaini in Ghazni spoke with the province's chief of police as well as local officials and filed this report narrated by Bezhan Hamdard. Голос Америки

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