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Криптовалюту теперь можно использовать для бронирования номеров в отелях

Криптовалюту теперь можно использовать для бронирования номеров в отелях

дней общая капитализация криптовалютного рынка показала внушительный рост — почти на 16%. #Travala Partnership with Asian Giant #Agoda Support #Crypto adoption and book using #BNB or #BUSD on https://t.co/CL8FxAXFXS. Best price guarantee on 2,200,000+ hotels and accommodations@cz_binance $BNB $BUSD #Binance@Cointelegraph...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Yervand Khundkaryan elected as a candidate for a judge of Constitutional Court

In accordance with them, the powers of all judges of the Constitutional Court are limited to 12 years. After the adoption of the amendments, three judges who had worked for over 12 years were dismissed from their posts: Alvina Gyulumyan,...Arminfo: Главная

Samvel Babayan made a statement in connection with Armenia's adoption of a new national security strategy

ArmInfo. Artsakh Security Council Secretary Samvel Babayan made a statement in connection with the adoption of a new national security strategy by Armenia. Thus, Babayan's statement received by ArmInfo recalls that at the meeting of...Arminfo: Главная

Citrix and Microsoft partner to accelerate the future of work

Companies join forces to simplify cloud transformation and speed adoption of digital workspaces and virtual desktops to enable greater agility, productivity, and security FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., and REDMOND, Wash. -...News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

UN Security Council Finally Endorses COVID-19 Cease-Fire Call

Disagreement between US and China held up adoption of resolution for 100 days as COVID-19 spread around the world...Голос Америки

Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Armenia to be fired(2)

...the second and final reading adopted the constitutional law on amending the Constitution of Armenia. 89 deputies voted "for" the adoption of the draft law, against 0. According to the proposed amendments, the powers of the judges of the Constitutional...Arminfo: Главная

RPA and ARF Dashnaktsutyun accuse Armenian authorities of usurping  the judiciary(2)

Human Rights, "the RPA emphasized, noting that refusal to send the bill for consideration by the Constitutional Court after its adoption on first reading - gross violation of the Constitution, which makes the whole process illegal, just as refusing to...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian Foreign Minister Takes Part in Online Forum "75th  Anniversary of the UN Charter:  Multilateralism in a Fragmented  World"(2)

ArmInfo. Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan participated in the high-level online forum "75 years since the adoption of the UN Charter: multilateralism in a fragmented world." This was reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry.Arminfo: Главная

Hong Kong Police Disperse Protesters Opposing National Security, Anthem Laws(2)

Riot police used pepper balls to disperse tens of thousands of demonstrators protesting adoption of a controversial national security law...Голос Америки

Про перевод database: какие бывают, что с ними делают и с чем их едят(2)

базы данных XML, но нашли только узкое применение. XML databases appeared in the early 2000s, but have only seen niche adoption. Читать дальше...Лучшие публикации за сутки / Хабрахабр

MP Artak Manukyan invited to the SIS in  relation to the case of a  brawl in parliament(2)

...developed between the country's authorities and the people. At the same time, according to him, this pressure began with the adoption of the law "On Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property", and behind these provocative actions are forces serving the former...Arminfo: Главная

Lilit Makunts: Incident with Alen Simonyan  is  demonstration of  panic by  people who have stolen  the country(2)

...expresses an objectionable position for any group of people. All this began after the speech of Alen Simonyan, after the adoption of the law on the seizure of illegally acquired property. This was done by people who have stolen the...Arminfo: Главная

Expert: Instead of dissatisfaction with the work of the media, the  authorities long ago should have started media reform (2)

...from advertising in the direction of online media. In this light, Navasardyan sees the need to at least delay the adoption of this bill, its in-depth study. As well as attempts to find a solution to the financial problems of...Arminfo: Главная

Pashinyan: It`s time to make staff reshuffles and kick out those who  have betrayed our trust (2)

...will be confiscated," he emphasized. Pashinyan pointed out that hysteria reigns, among other things, against the background of the upcoming adoption of the bill on illegally acquired property, as well as changes in the Judicial Code. "The time has come...Arminfo: Главная

The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation proposes to allow the import of 3 thousand tons of whey from sanctioned countries(2)

With the introduction of the embargo, its share has significantly decreased. The main supplier (more than 90%) is Belarus. The adoption of the government decree makes it possible to import from EU countries, primarily from France, Italy and Germany. Earlier,...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Кайя Гербер умилила поклонников фото со щенком(2)

Юная модель рассказала, что временно приютила очаровательных щенков из adoption-центра. Русский Еврей

Navicon поможет удаленным сотрудникам адаптироваться к сложным бизнес-приложениям - пресс-релиз на pr.adcontext.net(2)

- pr.adcontext.net Системный интегратор и разработчик Navicon, как авторизованный партнер WalkMe в России, вывел на рынок главную разработку вендора. Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) WalkMe – это решение, которое создает эффективную среду взаимодействия между сотрудниками и бизнес-приложениями предприятия. Востребованность решения стремительно...PR - это жизнь

Navicon поможет удаленным сотрудникам адаптироваться к сложным бизнес-приложениям(2)

Интегратор выводит на российский рынок платформу Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) компании Walkme...Боевой народ

RA Prime Minister instructed to prepare a draft decision on extension  of the emergency regime for 30 days(2)

...the prime minister instructed to present a draft government decision on the extension of the state of emergency, for the adoption of which a special meeting of the RA National Assembly will be convened. At the meeting, participants discussed issues...Arminfo: Главная

The Ministry of industry and trade proposes to extend the experiment on milk labeling until August 31, 2020(2)

September 20, 2020. In an explanatory note to the document, the Ministry of industry and trade claims that before the adoption of the guidelines for conducting the experiment on November 12, 2019, dairy producers and dairy companies did not actually...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

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