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The Kirov Regional Court declared the refusal of officials to negotiate the march near education institutions illegal

The Kirov Regional Court declared the refusal of officials to negotiate the march near education institutions illegal

...in certain places for no reason, Abashev attempted to negotiate the march through the central streets of Kirov with the administration. He was refused, allegedly due to the regional law that prohibits public events near any education institutions. Abashev successfully...Журнал 7х7

The Argument About Job & Career

As an administrative document, job descriptions serve to set out the parameters and expectations internally to present workers and administration, in addition to to potential new hires.Информационное агентство Сергиева Посада

Trump Reinforces Right to Pray in Public Schools(2)

Administration also proposes changes to make it easier for religious groups to access federal funds Голос Америки

Trump Administration Offers New Guidance for Prayer in Public Schools

US president has made religious freedom a signature issue in his domestic and foreign policy Голос Америки

House to Vote on Sending Impeachment Articles to Senate

Democrats have called for testimony from current and former Trump administration officials...Голос Америки

Ex-Trump Aide Michael Flynn Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn has filed court papers to withdraw his guilty plea...Голос Америки

Judge Rules Trump Administration Acting Within Authority in Family Separation at Border

In June 2018, Sabraw had ruled that U.S. immigration agents could no longer separate immigrant parents and children caught illegally crossing the border from Mexico, and must reunite those families that had been split up in custody Голос Америки

The presidential administration declared land withdrawal in the Yugyd Va National Park in Komi for gold mining illegal

The presidential administration declared land withdrawal in the Yugyd Va National Park in Komi for gold mining illegal

On November 15, 2019, the Russian branch of Greenpeace sent a request to the presidential administration not to transfer a site of 50 thousand hectares from the protected area of the Yugyd Va National Park for...Журнал 7х7

Аким Атырау ушел в отставку

Аким Атырау ушел в отставку

С 2012 по 2016 годы занимал должности заместителя акима Уральска, руководителя аппарата акима Атырауской области, руководителя Управления природных ресурсов и регулирования природопользования Атырауской области, с мая 2016 года занимал должность акима Махамбетского района. Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

US Points to Dissent in Iran in Wake of Deadly Drone Strike

Administration officials have joined President Donald Trump in trying to draw attention to dissent in Iran instead of lingering questions about the scale of the threat used to justify a drone strike on Iran's top military leader Голос Америки

Trump's Political Problems at Home May Have Reinforced Decision to Strike Iran

Why did President Donald Trump order the drone strike that killed one of Iran’s top generals? His administration says there was an “imminent threat” against Americans, but it has failed to convince many Democrats that the strike was...Голос Америки

US Bans Charter Flights to Cuban Cities Besides Havana

The Trump administration is banning charter flights to Cuban cities besides Havana in a new tightening of US restrictions on the island...Голос Америки

Trump Administration Sending Mixed Messages During Iran Crisis

From a possible pull-out from Iraq to targeting Iran's cultural sites, US officials have had to clarify policy amid mixed messaging from US leaders Голос Америки

40 US States Agree to Accept Refugees

States' actions comply with Trump administration mandate that in order to receive refugees, states and localities must opt in to the resettlement program...Голос Америки

Trump Aims Major Rollback of Landmark US Environmental Law

The Trump administration is moving to greatly narrow the use of the country's landmark environmental law...Голос Америки

Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open to all types of vehicles

...the data from the Department of Emergencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Department of Central Administration of North Ossetia of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open for all...Arminfo: Главная

В США начали расследовать вторую летальную аварию с Tesla за две недели

В США Национальное управление по безопасности дорожного движения (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) начало расследовать второе за последние две недели ДТП с участием электромобиля Tesla, приведшее к гибели человека.Новости - Интерфакс

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