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Bolton: Testimony Wouldn't Have Changed Impeachment Outcome

...the House's impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump were "grossly partisan" and said his testimony would not have changed Trump's acquittal in the Senate...Голос Америки

A Politically Liberated Trump Consolidates Power Towards Re-election

Post acquittal, the president targets those who stood against him during the impeachment process, rewards allies and bulks up his administration with...Голос Америки

Turkey re-arrests human rights activist hours after acquittal

Turkey re-arrests human rights activist hours after acquittal

Rights group Amnesty International said Kavala's renewed detention "smacks of deliberate and calculated cruelty". Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Turkey Calls for Fresh Arrest of Rights Defender Kavala After Acquittal

A new warrant from the Istanbul prosecutor's office called for the arrest of Osman Kavala as part of the investigation into a failed 2016 coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government Голос Америки

Turkish Court Delivers Surprise Acquittal in Landmark Gezi Trial

Court acquits businessman Osman Kavala and eight other defendants over their alleged role in Gezi Park protests in 2013, in a case that had drawn strong criticism from Ankara's Western allies and human rights groups Голос Америки

With Impeachment Over, Critics See Trump 'Retribution Tour'

In the week since his acquittal, a fully emboldened President Donald Trump is demonstrating his determination to assert an iron grip on government...Голос Америки

AP Exclusive: Pro-Trump Effort Raises Over $60M in January

January haul coincided with most of the Senate's impeachment trial, which resulted in the Republican president's acquittal earlier this month...Голос Америки

Acquittal Not the End of Trump's Battles With Democrats

Critics say the acquittal will embolden Trump, and future presidents, to abuse power with impunity...Голос Америки

Trump's Acquittal Confronts Dems With Election Year Choices

Democrats always expected that the Senate would acquit President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial Голос Америки

Lawyers to ICC: Free Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Unconditionally

...lift conditions they imposed on the former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo last year when he was released following his acquittal on crimes against humanity charges...Голос Америки

Selfies, Polite Applause Greet Acquittal Vote at Trump Hotel Bar

Since opening in September 2016, the Trump International has become Washington's hub for Trump, from Cabinet secretaries and foreign dignitaries seeking to curry favor with the administration to the president himself, hangers-on and red-hat-wearing tourists Голос Америки

Trump to Make First Public Statement on His Impeachment Acquittal(2)

Triumphant president Hails 'our Country's VICTORY' after Senate found him not guilty on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Голос Америки

Trump Impeachment Acquittal a Watershed Moment for Him, US

US leader derided the effort to oust him from office, but now can boast he was exonerated as he runs for reelection Голос Америки

5 Takeaways From Trump's Impeachment Acquittal

The outcome is seen as having far-reaching implications for the American government and political system Голос Америки

Trump Trial Reaches Conclusion With Acquittal Expected

Senators to vote on impeachment, but Republican majority strong enough to avoid president's removal from office Голос Америки

Acquittal Expected as Trump Impeachment Trial Draws to a Close

But as VOA's congressional correspondent Katherine Gypson reports. Голос Америки

Trump Impeachment Trial: Forceful Closing Arguments for Conviction and Acquittal

Trump all but certain to be exonerated Wednesday on two articles of impeachment Голос Америки

Trump Impeachment Trial Moves to Closing Arguments

Trump all but certain to win acquittal on impeachment charges on Wednesday...Голос Америки

State of the Union Address, Final Impeachment Votes on Agenda This Week

Tuesday, a day before senators are expected to cast their final votes in what is widely expected to be his acquittal in his impeachment trial...Голос Америки

Republican Senators: Turmp's Ukraine Actions Were Wrong, but Do Not Merit Removal(2)

Trump all but certain to win acquittal on impeachment charges on Wednesday...Голос Америки

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