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Beijing to Quarantine All Arrivals as Economic Life Struggles to Pick Up

It was not immediately clear how the restriction would be enforced, or whether it would apply to non-residents of Beijing or foreigners arriving from abroad Голос Америки

Universities Cancel Study-Abroad Programs amid Virus Fears

...concerns about China's virus outbreak spread, universities are scrambling to assess the risks to their programs, and some are canceling study-abroad opportunities and prohibiting travel affecting hundreds of thousands of students...Голос Америки

Virus Outbreak Impacts Africans at Home and Abroad

Countries are putting in place screening and quarantine procedures on the continent, African students studying in China face fear and uncertainty Голос Америки

Students Who Study Abroad Fare Better in Job Market

There's a transformational element, too, one educator said, a 'humanistic and peace-building' component Голос Америки

Indonesia Considers Repatriating More Than 600 Citizens With Alleged Terror Ties

Government is discussing ways to deal with hundreds of citizens - foreign fighters and their family members - with alleged ties to terrorism who have been detained abroad Голос Америки

World Health Experts to Determine if Coronavirus Poses Global Risk

Unknown virus has moved with frightening speed internally and abroad since it was detected in China three weeks ago...Голос Америки

Dogs Find Loving Families Abroad Thanks to Special Program

If you can't find the animal you've been waiting for at your shelter locally, or even nationally, this group can help you look farther afield Голос Америки

Report: China Undermining Human Rights System Worldwide

China is using its economic and diplomatic clout to silence critics and undermine human rights systems abroad Голос Америки

While Shuttered at Home, China Exploits Social Media Abroad

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have tried for years without success to be allowed into the lucrative Chinese market Голос Америки

US Imposes Sanctions Over N. Korean Workers Abroad

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says, "The exportation of North Korean workers raises illicit revenue for the government of North Korea in violation of UN sanctions" Голос Америки

While Shuttered at Home, China Exploits Social Media Abroad

China says its diplomats and government officials will fully exploit foreign social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that are blocked off to its own citizens Голос Америки

Trump Far from Getting US Out of 'Endless Wars'(2)

200,000 American soldiers still deployed abroad and more troops in the Middle East now than when Trump took office...Голос Америки

Self-confessed Chinese Spy Spills Secrets in Australia(2)

Australian media say a Chinese spy has given inside intelligence on how Beijing conducts its interference operations abroad Голос Америки

Estonian Minister: Russian Security Services Used Estonia to Fund Activities Abroad(2)

Russia's security services moved money through Estonia to finance operations overseas, the Baltic country's finance minister, who is leading a cleanup after a money laundering scandal, told Reuters Голос Америки

New Training Facility Aimed at Preparing US Personnel for Uncertainty Abroad(2)

State Department's facility in southern Virginia is the largest of its kind Голос Америки

Bangladesh Court Asks Nobel Laureate Yunus to Surrender(2)

The order came in response to a petition seeking a stay of an arrest warrant for Yunus issued by the labor court last month, when he was abroad Голос Америки

After UK Truck Deaths, Vietnam Asks Why Workers Go Abroad(2)

...were caught off guard by the high-profile deaths in Essex, which suggest that some thought they could find more opportunity abroad than at home...Голос Америки

In Rio, Protest in Defense of Amazon Turns Political(2)

Dozens of events are being held in Brazil and abroad to show support for the vast Amazon rainforest on a day known as Amazon Day...Голос Америки

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