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Новости за 25.06.2020
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World Pledges $1.8 Billion for Crisis-stricken Sudan

Some 50 countries and international organisations pledged a total of more than $1.8 billion, while the World Bank Group offered a grant of $400 million Голос Америки

Hrayr Tovmasyan and judges of the Constitutional Court disagree with the Minister's statement on their forthcoming dismissal

Badasyan addressed the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, directing the (Venice Commission) questions regarding the resolution of the crisis that arose around the Armenian Constitutional Court. The Venice Commission presented a positive opinion on three legal issues put...Arminfo: Главная

Congo Announces End to Its Second Deadliest Ebola Outbreak

The virus killed 2,280 in eastern Congo during the nearly two-year crisis Голос Америки

UN Agency Foresees Possible 'Crisis Within Crisis' as Migrant Workers Head Home

Millions of migrant workers, previously under COVID-19 lockdown, are returning home to countries that may have no plans to reintegrate them, warns the International Labor Organization Голос Америки

Vladimir Putin: the depth of the economic crisis has still to be assessed

...reduction of employment. In April, after restrictive measures, gross national product of Russia fell by 12%. The depth of the crisis has still to be assessed. A new reality is being formed in the world", said Vladimir Putin, emphasizing that...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Study: Female Reporters More Credible on COVID-19

Lauded for handling the pandemic, women still carry the heaviest burden in this time of crisis, expert says...Голос Америки

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